Every piece of work is strategically well thought through,
creatively crafted to deliver what matters


Brand audit and strategy
Marketing planning
Communication strategy
Digital strategy


Brand development
Communication design
Digital design


Campaign development
Campaign implementation
Digital development

Evolving our digital offering beyond communication

At Matter Advertising we understand that digital it an integrated part of our brand and communication offering rather than a separate service offering to our clients. What has become a need of our clients is digital solutions that enhances customer or business service delivery, giving them a competitive edge in the market. In partner with DCX, we work as a collaborative unit to ensure digital technology is developed and used in a relevant that delivers a return to the business.

Are we your type of agency?

Matter Advertising is not for everyone, a strange thing to say but very true. We find the clients that get the best results from us are people that are vested in their business and focused on making sure every cent contributes to the bottom line. 

As a boutique agency we need to be selective about who our clients are, as the core team works on every piece of business to ensure a high quality outcome. If you are passionate about your business, the stakes are high and a return is essential, then you’re our kinda client.

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