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Make sure It matters.


Strategic branding,
communication & digital.

Matter Advertising is a strategically led brand and communication agency that focuses on understanding and innovating to find strategic and creative solutions that drive demand. The agency's team accompanies the client throughout the journey to ensure effective implementation and performance measurement.


The team members at Matter Advertising are experts in
strategically building brands, communicating their essence,
and producing memorable campaigns.


Drive understanding

Brand audit
Marketing audit


Delivers relevance

Creative concepts
Campaign development
Campaign implementation

Brand strategy
Brand architecture
Marketing strategy

Inspire change



Connects the customer

Website development
Digital campaigns
SEO and AdWords

Corporate identity development
Communication design
Digital design

Builds distinctiveness



Improving performance

Analytic reporting
Agile agility actions

Add a Title


Listening marks the inception
of understanding.

Understanding clients and their business needs involves identifying
the challenges and opportunities that effective brand and
communication actions can unlock. It serves as the foundation for
strategic and creative innovation. A profound understanding also
fosters client trust, assuring them that they are in capable hands for
support throughout their journey.

There's always a way to
improve; we simply need to
uncover it.


In today's fast-paced world, innovation has become the guiding
principle. It demands continuous exploration, testing, and
implementation of new technologies and effective ideas to help
clients tap into new markets, bolster sales, and generate revenue.
By embracing agility and innovation, new strategies and creative
concepts will resonate with the right audience and captivate their
attention. Our approach to innovation spans a spectrum of needs,
from radical innovation driving growth, to incremental innovation
enhancing performance, or disruptive innovation that revolutionises
the landscape.

The effectiveness of a marketing campaign hinges on tracking
performance against key indicators and adopting an agile
improvement approach to ensure meeting campaign objectives.
Relying solely on end-of-campaign measurements leads to missed
opportunities and increased failure risks. Market engagement
continually evolves, rendering previously successful strategies
ineffective. Campaign agility stands as a critical factor in
meticulously planning, executing, and achieving desired results.

Measure it, so you
can improve it.


Find out what makes our agency unique.

Explore our brands and projects.


Lyndore Avenue, Kyalami, 1684
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa

+27 82 785 1408
Michele van Heerden

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