It takes talent and experience to deliver
what truly matters

Who we are

We are a bespoke agency, founded by Michele van Heerden, a well-regarded strategist that has been creating demand for over 15 years. 

The team at Matter are all award winning talent, supported by a broader network of industry specialists, giving clients access to the best skills in the market.

The agency delivers well above it’s weight in the market and clients who know us stick with us, as they understand the value we deliver.

Our history

The core team all come from big agency backgrounds, contributing a wealth of knowledge and skill.

Since 2009, the company has delivered strategic consulting services to local and international clients. Through client demand the consultancy has evolved its service offering to include design and communication services.

In 2015 Matter Advertising evolved into a full service agency and has delivered campaigns to market that have delivered a measurable return.

Michele van Heerden
Demand Director

Michele is responsible for the management of the agency, as well strategically and creatively directing communication solutions. She is a well-seasoned strategist with over 15 years experience working in Africa, Europe and the US, specializing on Telecoms, Financial Services, Retail and Property sectors.

Eric Mlambo
Business Director

Eric is responsible for managing clients and projects for the agency. He is a well-regarded professional with over 15 years experience in the marketing and advertising industry. His background journalism brings a perspective to projects that influences reputation management, something of importance to government and large corporate clients.

Fred Swart
Design Director

Fred is responsible for delivering distinctive design to our clients. He is an award winning creative with over 20 years experience in the design industry. Fred’s love for logos, identities and all things brand has ensured that he remains one of the top design specialists in the country.

Sam Koenderman
Communication Director

Sam is responsible for delivering solutions focused communication to our clients. She is an award winning copywriter with over 25 years experience in the advertising industry. Sam looks at the world in a unique way and is able to capture the strange and wonderful things that make us human and rings true in what we do every day as consumers.


“Strategically they have a great ability of taking complex challenges and developing simple as well concrete action plans. In particular Michele executed her deliverables excellently and very often went an extra mile beyond her scope to ensure the success of Zamtel” – Hans Paulsen, MD Zamtel

“Michele, thank you for always being there for me and the Good Africa story” – Andrew Rugasira,  Founder Good Africa

Michele is passionate, organised and consistent. Working with her was more like taking a practical course in marketing. (The kind not found in text books). She knows her field very well and is extremely results focused. Christ Puta, Zamtel

“Our biggest challenge was credibility in the market and through effective communication campaigns. We were not only able to establish who we were, but why a green city was the future, while positioning ourselves as industry leaders” – Andrew Glencross, Director Menlyn Maine

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