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a distinctive campaign that builds brand

Little Rascals

South Africa


Crafting a distinctive campaign for an everyday household
commodity aimed at creating lasting brand affinity and memorability.
The key objective was to centralise the product within the narrative,
breathing life into its character. Additionally, the campaign needed to
have a national presence for six months while working within a
constrained media budget.




Audit, communication
campaign, public relations,
digital and project

a distinctive campaign that builds brand

Introducing the "Little Rascals" campaign, a vibrant
portrayal of the mischievous yet endearing nature of
these ubiquitous tomatoes. These playful characters are
everywhere - popping up in salads, swimming in
sauces, skating on pizzas, or even racing over
traditional dishes. They've become an indispensable
part of daily life.


Leveraging partnerships with supermarkets, a robust
presence in promotional activities, and digital support
across various platforms, the campaign's value surged
by 141%. This approach effectively amplified reach,
frequency, and engagement throughout its duration.

a distinctive campaign that builds brand


The impact was evident, with a remarkable 51% surge in sales during the campaign period. The campaign received the prestigious PMA award, establishing a database of 44,000 loyal customers. Moreover, the brand's social media following soared by an impressive 184%.

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