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Built authenticity for the global PF brand

South Africa

Uncommon authentic style


To launch an iconic international brand in the South African market in
a way that is unique but still remains true to the global brand
positioning. The kicks market is highly competitive, with well established
international and local brands.



LABR Group

Brand positioning strategy,
launch campaign strategy,
creative campaign
concept, production and

Built authenticity for the global PF brand

The brand positioning focused on owning an
uncommon, authentic style. The campaign aimed to
deliver this positioning through an ambassador
campaign profiling interesting individuals engaged in
various cultural sectors.


Production involved a photoshoot in a cultural hotspot in
Johannesburg with five brand ambassadors, which was
utilised in the campaign's creative content. Furthermore,
additional retail designs and point-of-sale materials
were developed to support the brand's retail rollout.

Built authenticity for the global PF brand

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Lyndore Avenue, Kyalami, 1684
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa

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Michele van Heerden

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